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I am just getting ready to go interview Rick Sasso, and was touching up the article on Crystal Serenity from a Panama Canal cruise, which will appear tomorrow. Just then Serenity pulled up to the dock here in Barcelona, I literally looked out my veranda and there she is right outside my window as I was writing my article about her.

In the end, isn’t that what we love most about cruising, the cruising life? We sail on ships in Tahiti and see them again in Norway a year later. We see people we have known for years. Just last night I met a woman, Josephine Kling, who started Royal Viking Line when it was just four people in 1970. My butler on Serenity had his first job on Royal Viking Line in 1984. My first cruise job was on Royal Viking Line in 1983, 26 years ago now.

We people who know this business understand the attraction. Someone at our table last night at dinner said, “we are lifers;” Those of us who love this industry and have been in it for decades.

I feel so sorry for the people who just don’t get the attraction we have. The “cruise victims” and the people with preconceived notions of cruise ships as floating “whatevers.” This is a beautiful lifestyle, and if you’ll excuse me I have an interview with Sophia Loren in about an hour. I must prepare.

On Crystal Serenity, which just sailed by, is the same cruise director I worked under upon the Statendam in 1993, Rick Spath. Rick is a great guy who I got to catch up with on Serenity last May. He went from Holland America to Disney (that is quite a story) and then went to Crystal where he has found his home. He is a lifer.

This is a beautiful industry that you have to get to know to appreciate. It saddens me that the media buys into to all of the lies of the International cruise victims about unbridled crime on ships and people going missing. I have no idea why those people have to lash out at something they obviously don’t understand. I will have more comments about them later.

BTW: if you think they will be satisfied with this latest “victory” in getting Congress to pass a “cruise crime act” believe me, they are not done, they are just getting started and in the end it will cost all of us dedicated cruisers. But more on that later.
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