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Default final night

It is now 2:30 am. The inaugural show went on until 12: 20, then we had to go eat dinner! I am ON “Spanish time.” Seriously, they scheduled the christening for before dinner (which in Spain usually starts at 10:00 pm if not later, and it went on for three hours. We started eating at 12;45 am last night.

Most people have early morning flights and they are just staying up all night. Mine leaves at 12:00 noon so I can get some sleep. Spanish time…

….. The next morning. It was a fabulous ceremony, with a Flamenco dancer, + Jose Carrer (tenor) did four encores, Sophia Loren dropped the champagne bottle, fireworks ensued. I have a ton of video I need to sort through, but now I need to catch my flight home.

Buenos dias!
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