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Morning All, from Montreal, where Mother Nature seems to think it's October instead of July. It is only 14C (57F) this morning, dull, and looks like rain.
I don't know what happened to summer, but this is getting ridiculous!

Yesterday was another day of endless visits, I've lost count of how many people, agents and kids have come through our house.
The one constant was our dog Emma, she was a big hit with everybody, and everyone wanted to know if the dog came with the house!

Trip, teriffic news about your jewelry! Congratulations!
I visited a Beads store on Sat, to get some clasps fixed, and you would go crazy in there!

VTJen, misery loves company, isn't our weather awful?

Beenie, does your d/s have a pair of rollerblade knee pads? They came in very handy when my daughter was 13 and had both feet operated on.
She was able to crawl on her knees to the bathroom, and all over the apt. on those knee pads, as she was too heavy at that age to carry!

Doug, roll on 2pm Thursday!

Todd, I just had to get my glasses renewed, my sight has deteriorated and I can't read a thing anymore without them!

Manuel, enjoy Cape Cod, hope the weather improves for you.

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