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Default Re: Balance of Shipboard Credit...

Originally Posted by I Love NC
Will be sailing on Crown Princess Jan. 25......expecting shipboard credit of approx. $250....from stock, fuel surcharge refund and TA......

My question for anyone who has experienced something similiar: IF we do not spend all of these credit, will Princess credit our charge account for the remaining balance?

FYI: Sailed 11/30 on Celebrity Solstice and our credit card was credited with our remaining balance....approx. $50.00

Thank you all in advance! This is only the 2nd cruise on which we received s/b credit!
First of all I do hope you mean January 23rd, because on Jan. 25th the Crown will be in Grand Cayman.

Assuming you spend nothing else other than your tips, you will have $103.00 left over. Just go to the casino cage (don't wait until the last day), ask for $100, they will charge you $103.00 and VOILA! I never mind paying the 3% because it's still 97% "found money."
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