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People need to get this correct as we are giving advice here Paul, this is what us old guys do...

For all my spin this is true, well the first bit is.....

I was taught a very simple thing back in the days before super liners and very wide staircases, your right hand should be able to touch the hand rail of the staircase you are walking up or down.

Simple, and it works, no mid stair dance deciding if the person coming towards you is going to go left or right

Please print a how to use a staircase on ship in the welcome pack cruise lines

I thought the problem was solved with HUGE wide staircases, but flying in the face of the designers we now have the size of people’s butts to now take into consideration when passing on stairs, but that’s the minority as they are actually hogging the lifts.

And to be honest we dont get many mobility scooters on the stairs, thats a bonus...well it will be until one of them loses it and goes for the stairs, fed up waiting to get in a lift as before they can hit first gear all the fit SELFISH ***** with two working legs got in there first

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