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Default 3rd & 4th Passenger Fares - Higher than what I remembere

Just recently looking at booking a future cruise and began to notice that the fare for a 3rd and 4th passenger has really sky rocketed from what the line was charging before. I may be a bit out of date; however, I recalled that 3rd and 4th passengers (regardless of cabin category) were generally somewhere between $499 - $699 a person. Just recently I noticed that the fares for 3rd and 4th can be as high as $1400+ per person in a suite; also fares in lower categories go down in almost a tieired approach. Seems like the days when you could fill-up a cabin with 4 folks and hope to bring down the total cost of the cruise per person no longer is economically feasible. In some cases you're almost better off just getting multiple lower cost cabins versus getting one suite.
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