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Default too many abusers ...

Didn't they change the policy on Diamond somtimes in July? I believe you have to be D+ in order to get free liquor??

In addition, I have achieved "Diamond" status with Royal Caribbean's "Crown and Anchor Society". The advantage to you is that my cabin mate will share the "Diamond" status privileges and perks throughout the entire 14-night transatlantic cruise. One of the best "perks" is a private lounge for "Diamond" members and their cabinmates, providing free wine and champagne (25% discount on all other drinks), as well as hot and cold hors d'oeuvres, each evening. In addition, there are special parties and activities during the cruise for those passengers who have achieved "Diamond" status, as well as their cabinmates. In addition, "Diamond" members and their cabinmates are given priority boarding and debarking on both the day of departure and day of arrival, allowing you to board and debark "at will".
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