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yeah, I don't know, they probably have to keep it "secured"until the investigation is over preserve evidence, etc. perhaps even until the murder trial is over? That cabin may be out of commission for a long time. I'm sure they hae been ordered to change the lock and not let ANYONE enter, housekeeping or anyone.

The most important thing to glean from tihs is that any crime can happen anywhere, and that just becuase we all know that most cruisers are wondeful people not out to hurt or steal from anyone, we have to acknowledge that anyone can cruise, which means that anything can happen to anyone on a cruise.

Just another point for making sure anyone (adults or kids) don't wander around alone. Walkie-talkies are no help if someone is grabbed unexpectedly and raped, strangled or tossed overboard.

We should be aware of our surroundings - especially people - no matter whether we are at home or on vacation.
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