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Default Re: Princess Referral Program

Originally Posted by I Love NC
We got stung on the Princess Referral Program!! Don't let it happen to you. This is what I found out:

You MUST refer your friends PRIOR to even HOLDING a cabin. Princess considers a "hold" to be a "booking"....because it is taken out of inventory. This applies to guarantee cabins and specific cabins.

John Q. Public considers a booking to be made once a DEPOSIT is given.

Could it be a flaw in the way they explain this Princess product to the public? I think they need to rewrite this policy.

Just thought I could help someone.
When you refer someone, Princess send them a letter advising them of the referral. A snail mail letter. Then they need to respond. All this takes time. Of course a reservation would preclude getting credit, so I don't see what you find wrong.
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