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wish I had a scanner, would be so much easier. now for the fine print at the bottom.

Imortant information about your future carnival vacations offer. This offer is valid for up to 200 us dollars only on carnival cruise lines and can only be used as a credit on board a carnival ship. onboard credit amout of up to 50 per stateroom on a 3-5 day cruise, up to 75 on a 6 day cruise, up to 100 per stateroom on a 7-8 day cruise, and up to 200 per stateroom on a cruise 12 days or longer. Single occupancy booking receive half of the onboard credit amout. Onboard credit value is based on lenght of sailing and will be assigned per stateroom when ship and sailing date is selected. Full deposits are due at the time of booking and vary by sailing. Freinds and family vouchers not applicable with certificate purchases. Offer is only available when purchasing a cruise on board.

Hope that helps? the fine print sounds like a full deposit is needed if you are ready to book? I didn't have too much time to ask questions, the first time she had to run to a meeting, and the second time I went to talk to her the certificates were not printing. They were backed up and had to print out everything manualy.
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