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Default Onboard Update: Enchantment of the Seas

Hey guys, I know it's the last day of the trip but i figured i'd send in an update anyhow.

This has certainly been one of the most....eventful trips of my cruising career. We haven't had satellite connectivity since we left Fort Lauderdale which means NO cell phones/blackberries NO computers/wireless access and minimal gps access for the bridge. Additionally on the 2nd day of the trip we lost power for about 5 minutes to the whole ship which was creepy as hell and they have been having some SERIOUS issues with the onboard A/C aka, most of the cruise it hasn't worked.

On the topic of people, this has been a good cruise. We had 2 trour groups onboard, one from Brazil and another was a dance troupe from Puerto Rico And among them, most of the guests are female 17-20. Needless to say the nightclub has been rather exciting, which on this ship of course is the Viking Crown lounge on deck 11 at the top of the ship so amazing views plus cool people equals a good nightlife.

The deck party last night was one of the best i've ever experienced, the pool deck on this ship is one of my favorites and is really designed to produce a good party.

The shows have been up and down. The first night comedian was good and had lots of fresh material as opposed to the traditional cruise ship jokes that most ship entertainers use. The second show, Stage to Screen sucked in my oppinion...thats all. The broadway revue last night was pretty good, nothing compared to Carnival's but it was sufficient in entertaining me for 30 minutes. Tonight is a magic show and the adult late-night comedy so it should be pretty good. Magic and Comedy are 2 of my preferred variety acts onboard a ship so...yay me.

The food has been kind of bland. Not particularly good but not bad either. The windjammer has had some really...out there dishes this cruise as opposed to the same thing every day which is good i suppose but at the same time, simple good food will take the higher mark over something I can't figure out any day. Chops grill was ok as well, but nothing compared to the Chops i've eaten in onboard Voyager/Freedom class vessels. The soup was watered down, they only offer 2 kinds of dressings and they've changed all of their side items to some kind of organic crap or something with the Vitality program. Whatever. The dining room has been fun and our waiters are awesome as are our table mates who always have new surprises each night like glow necklaces, leis, inflatable cacti and peppers or fairy wand streamers, it's been fun. The food however, has been the worst i've ever had in the ways of dining room food.

No awards for the Enchantment but the service staff have tried hard to make sure guests have the best experience possible and I commend them on that. Royal Caribbean's brand efforts are clearly more visible on ships that stay in one place for a long time such as their 3/4 night trips out of canaveral, the freedom class and voyager class out of canaveral/miami, but these ships like the Enchantment who move seasonally really get run hard without much relief and it shows both in the aging of the ship itsself and the quality of service provided.

As for me, i'll be writing a detailed review on the trip tomorrow when I get off the ship and it'll be up probably tuesday if not tomorrow night.

If you have any comments/sugguestions/ things you want me to check out or take pix of before i disembark, post them below. I'll be checking this one or two more times before the end of the night.

Peace Out
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