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I also do not cruise for the food. Did anyone read the latest idea that the airlines have come up with: Your fare will be based on a combination of your weight and the weight of your luggage!

The reason that I want to know is because the food on Mariner was soooo bad, that my husband will no longer cruise RCCL. He just could not get over the fact that one cruise line (Carnival) could have such delicious food and RCCL was soooo bad! Everything, and I mean everything tasted the same. The lobster, if you want to call it that was pitiful! Do not ask for seconds. Your waiter looks at you with a stern face.

For me, I do not even finish firsts, however, my husband sometimes, when the food is edible asks for seconds.

We actually had a couple on the Mariner in 2007 who ate their way through the cruise. The ate 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners and had no less than 4 meals served in their cabin! Their tastebuds must be dull as the food was not good enough for one meal, let alone about 10.

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