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I'd have come down myself were Janet Napolitano to have been there and maybe she could have explained something.

My sister in law is from Great Britain. Although not a citizen she lived here for five or six years and following marriage to my older brother, had two daughters here. They then moved to the British Isles and had another daughter.

My brother and his wife moved back a couple of years ago to be near their eldest daughter and both my brother and his wife went back to work after obtaining her green card (which required driving 200 miles each way and putting out a small fortune in fees). Okay, the government has her "biometrics" (whatever the hell that is) and has all the info on her passport as well as all necessary forms on file relative to her green card.

They went to London this summer for the marriage of their middle daughter. While there, their rental car was broken into and everything was stolen. Although inconvenient of course, they got their passports back BUT my SIL also had her green card stolen. Thankfully phone calls were made to Homeland Security from the Embassy in London and the two were welcomed with wonderful service and attention when they landed in Chicago. Boy did things change when they got back home.

She has yet to get her green card reinstituted even with the help of a Congressman (after writing numerous letters to Homeland Security and not even receiving the courtesy of a reply), and now she's hearing that maybe she won't get another. But wait, this gets even better. She had to pay to have another set of "biometrics" completed and you know why? Because the Homeland Security where they live doesn't have electronic capability with the Chicago office (which is where they initially landed upon return)?!!!!???!!!

Here we have an English subject who has previously lived in this country and who has had two children born here, who has returned to this country and followed all the rules and due to no fault of her own is without her green card and Homeland Security can't even verify she had one?!!?

I'm not kidding you. This is basically what she's been told.

And yet America knowingly has over twenty million people whom we know absolutely nothing about (governmentally speaking), nor do we know where exactly they're from, who have no identification and to whom Congress has just decided to give unlimited medical care and also for whom some local government agencies have instituted a hands off policy even following their arrest for violent acts.

Yet this poor middle aged woman is being treated not much better than a terrorist and is truthfully on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

What is happening in this country???!!!!!!

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