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The Italian in the family makes and freezes her marinara sauce. While she prefers Roma or "Italian" tomatoes, she said virtually any tomato makes a delicious sauce.

This is what she does:

Peel the tomatoes (dipping them in hot water for a few seconds makes this part easier) and then quarter them into a large collander. Place the collander into the sink and allow them to drain for a few minutes (otherwise you sauce will be much too watery).

Cover the bottom of your pot (she uses approximately 1/4 inch) in about a quarter of an inch of olive oil and slowly sautee' four or five cloves of garlic until light brown (if the oil is too hot or you cook it too long, the garlic will burn and that will ruin your sauce).

Into the hot oil pour your drained and quartered tomatoes (they will initially sizzle and pop so be careful), then immediately stir the sauce while adding four or five leaves of fresh basil. Lower the heat and simmer the sauce for approximately one half hour keeping in mind fresh marinara will be more "liquid" than a commercial sauce. Do not over cook as cooking too long will result in a sauce that tastes more like you used canned tomatoes than fresh. Fran has always said you cook a sauce made with canned tomatoes longer than a sauce made from fresh tomatoes. Season to taste; allow the sauce to cool until just warm and then pour it into the container(s) of your choice and freeze.

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