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Tuesday July 14th

Endicott Arm Ford

Our itinerary was to go to Tracy Arm Ford but I think the ice has been slow to melt this year due to a harsh winter so we went to Endicott Arm Ford instead.

Endicott Arm Ford was amazing!! The day was bright and sunny. The sun was blaring hot on our balcony where we stayed for the entire time b/c we really had a great view and it was so relaxing just sitting there seeing the incredible sights.

We grabbed some cocoa w/ Baileys and settled in for things we had never seen before and might never see again...

Slowly as you enter the ford, you begin to see chunks of ice floating beside the ship.

Then the ship is surrounded by ice

And the Glacier is in view!

The Captain turned the ship so all sides had great viewing

We got much closer than I thought we could/would. Much closer than these pictures make it seem. We saw one medium sized calving and about 3-4 small calvings. Even though these weren't large, you could still hear the "white thunder" that they caused.

The ice bergs in the ford were now quite large

They had a beautiful blue tint to them due to the refraction of the light

And there were a lot of seals resting on the larger pieces


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