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Skagway and Glacier Tour cont...

That's it up ahead. See it?

They looked like tiny dots from the air.

Once we landed, the Tour Guide, Jason, herded us into a safe spot and gave out general safety instructions. Two cameras had fallen down crevasses that day so make sure you keep the strap around your neck!

Jason was excellent -- funny, informative and handled a 5 year boy who was bent on either destruction and/or injury with grace and ease.
We drank a bit of glacier water -- very cold -- saw many crevasses and many many bolders which surprised me.

It was a bit more than chilly on the glacier. We had sweatshirts, hats and gloves and were fine except for our cheeks. I am sure on a colder day you would need more than a sweatshirt.

And now TIP # 8

TIP # 8: Always have an alternative plan especially for excursions and especially for excursions that get cancelled a lot like the Dog Sled excursion. We ended up having a great time with the arrangements that the staff provided but I am sure that it's not always that easy to rearrange these things and you should have an idea of what you would be willing to do instead if you excursion gets cancelled.

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