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Friday July 17th

Sea Day

Wouldn't you know it! Another gray and cloudy day. Both of our sea days coming and going were not great. But we were fortunate to have fantastic weather for the rest of the cruise so I am not complaining.

We slept late roamed around the ship. You might have noticed that I stopped getting the Drink of the Day. That's b/c they weren't very good. They were strong -- but bitter and not something that makes you say, "I'll have another one of those!" But today I discovered the Sparkling Asian Pear in the Sports Bar. Yummy! Rum, Sprite and Sweet & Sour mix. Try one!

That night we went to dinner to say goodbye to our servers, saw juggler Charlie Peachock who was awesome! Very funny and well worth seeing!

Then we went to Quest.....
We had never been to Quest before...
I understand that I am not supposed to give too much away.
However I do feel obligated to tell all newbies like ourselves not to sit in the very front seats if you are shy or do not intend to participate.
And so now... TIP # 11

TIP # 11: Wear clean underwear on the last sea day.


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