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Default Can anyone help - how do MSC sort the disembarktion routine?

Hi, we are sailing on the spendida in November (and the orchestra earlier in October) and are having a lot of trouble getting any info from MSC regarding disembarktion routine and times.

Do you know how this process is managed for those who have on-going flights?? We have been told to just ask once on board the ship but are concerned we wont be off in time to get to the airport, but think they will want everyone off pretty quickly for turn-around.

Do they give people times (even approx) so there is some order to getting off the ship in time for flights?? We are getting off in Barcelona and think we arrive in port at 7 or 8am.

In the pacific everyone is allocated a colour category that gives you an approx time and those with plans/flights get off first

Appreciate any help
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