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Default Re: Travel Agency or Cruise Line $$$

Originally Posted by texaspoet
On line Carnival and Travel Agency same cruise. Will there be a discrepancy in the prices charge? The travel agency says No, their prices are dictated by Carnival. But I keep seeing differences. Why even think about a travel agency if there is no benefit? Why not just book on-line through the cruise line? Or is there a benefit using a Travel Agency?
Thanks! First time Cruise coming up!
A travel agent, selling a Carnival cruise, can discount that price if you contact them directly. They cannot "advertise" a price lower than Carnival. Discounting means they take part of their commission and basically pay part of your cruise. It may not be a huge amount but it would be less than Carnival's.

The lower the price of the cruise the less an agent can discount. So if you are buying a $299 bargain cruise the agent may not be able to discount.

I recommend and use a travel agent. The PVP is working for the cruise line and is required to put the cruise line's interest first. A travel agent represents you and is there when problems occur, before, during and after your cruise. Agents can also have access to group bookings, at less of a cost, than Carnival is selling it.

So: The short answer is: Use a "good" agent.

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