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I did kinda slack off. lol

Grand Turk:
Such a laid back place! The ship docked basically in the beach. We were the only ship in port today (thank goodness) and was off quickly. Right upon getting off the ship, you can see there is NOTHING but beach. You walk right into a little shopping area, then a plaza with all kinds of cute little shops where you can buy little trinkets. We headed to the beach and rented a cabana where we stood in line forever. Also, me and Marquice rented out some snorkel gear. After my family found our seats, the old folks got some drinks, my bro and my cousin hit the Margaritaville pool, while me and Marquice went out to the FREEZING cold water. Water in Grand Turk is VERYYY rocky, so be careful and you might even want to wear some water shoes. Earlier in the cruise in Half Moon Cay, Marquice cut his foot doing something (Probably something stupid), but this time, he was more aware of the huge rocks everywhere. The ship had to be only a few hunderd feet away and it was kinda scary seeing it that up close and having it tower over you. But anyway, this was our both time snorkeling and with all the destinations we went to that week, we couldn't find a place that we could jet ski or snorkel within our budget, since we could rent it for 10 dollars each all day, we jumped at the opportunity. Marquice is very adventurous, and I thought I was too until the cruise. As soon as I stuck my head under water, I could see all kinds of big huge fish sticking to rocks beside my feet and started to freak the OUT! He thought it was funny and pulled me along. I learned I do not like to snorkel. My goggles kept getting foggy, it was hard to breathe with the added pressure, I didn't like the sting rays I was seeing. Yes, STING RAYS were further out. This is what my mom has on her video camera: Imagine me, swimming like Micheal Phelps in the Olympics, screaming. haha. I so left my boyfriend out there (at least there was other people out there looking at the rays too), but I was not about to get stabbed with their tail things, so after that ordeal, my time in the water was over. lol. I chilled with the 'rents and granny till Marquice running back with his adventures. He's so cute when he gets excited. He tried to get me to come back out, but that was a big no. So we walked over to Margaritaville to the pool. It was nice, they had a DJ and a swim up bar and a flow rider. We watched people make huge wipe out and then watched the Mrs. Margaritaville competition. WOOOW! A grandma won hands down! She was booty shaking and she even popped a spilt! Part of me was disgusted, but the other part of me just couldn't stop watching. lol. We chilled out here for a while and headed back on the ship for lunch (mmm....salad...) and headed back out to the pool to swim and enjoy being on land. (I really enjoyed not moving, got sea sick every night). Soon, it was time to head back to the ship where we took a nap and very good showers before dinner. I don't remember what we did this night because I didn't write it down. haha.

Nextttt....Fun day at sea!
Jay = ]

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