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Fun Day at Sea

Marquice and I woke up late today, knowing there might not be much to do. We arrived on the Lido, just in time to get the usual breakfast omelet from Kirk, our omelet maker who we always made convo with. We sat and watched the Debarkation Talk on the big screen on the Lido while we ate and sat down with the Caper to decide what we wanted to do on our last day. There was really nothing to do till later that day, which was fine with me, cause we sat around listening to island music till lunch, then I ate that too. I loved their sandwich bar. lol. 12:30 hit and we headed down to the Amazing Hunt in the lobby. We found our team mates and went on a 20 min picture scavenger hunt where we came in first place. Yeah, we kinda cheated, the Carnival guy wasn't that into it and we showed him the same pictures more than once since we was just making tally marks and not actually marking what we had off. Hey! We were trying to win a Ship on a Stick! But, instead, we got medals. Oh well, we rocked them all day proudly. We sat around and ate again, well, Marquice watched me eat till around 2:30 and we went to the Marriage Show with Butch, very funny. But awkward because Marquice and I were whispering answers to each other that Butch would ask, only to find out my mom and stepdaddy were sitting right behind us! And my mom wanted to know what we were whispering about the whole time! lol.
So...after lying our way out of that one, we just roamed around the ship till 4:30 where me, my mom, step daddy and Marquice went to go play water wars and we found another family to play it with. They were soooo much fun, I wished we would had found them earlier in the cruise cause they were about our age. Water Wars is a water balloon fight in cages and you catapult your balloon into the other person cage, and whatever team is the most wet lose. It was really fun. My mom got some good pictures. We played for about an hour, back to back, till another family wanted to play and we let them take our spot. I headed for the water slide, which is loads of fun. haha. I'm such a big kid. Other than that, we walked the ship till it was time for dinner. Dinner was good and sad, we had to say goodbye to our waiters. They were the best we ever had on a ship so we tipped them really well and then we went to Showtime, which was like a passenger talent show. They dressed them up as Athena Franklin, Madonna, Britney Spears, James Brown (Who was played by our team mate in the Quest, and Elvis, who was played by this cutie Asain guy I was admiring the day before in Grand Turk. lol. He forgot half the words and was just mumbling, but it was soo funny, the saved the best for last. We went back to the room to pack up for the next day and put our stuff in the hall and just hang out and enjoy each other company and talk about our next cruise and did couple things I'm sure you guys don't want to hear about.
Debarkation went well, we were one of the last people on the ship and enjoyed a good breakfast.

Overall, this was a fun cruise. I wish there was more people we could relate to, but oh well. Maybe we will go on a four day er where there are more people our age and who we can identify with. We can't wait till the next one. And I will try to chill out next cruise, because I kinda forgot I was on vacation because I was trying to do it all. Next cruise will def be way more chill.

: ) Liberty is my new fave ship.
Jay = ]

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