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Originally Posted by 17andacruiseaddict
get on an elevator with somebody u know and go to seperate sides. one person shouts to the other, "hey what did the doctor say? is it contagious?!" lol

or get on the elevator with somebody you know stand on seperate side. one person shout to the other "hey (insert name of other person in the elevator), did u just grab my ass?" and have the other person say "(insert name of person who asked question), from where i am standing, that is physically impossible"- this is from night at the roxybury

lol idk how u peoples sense of humor is, but me and my mom find these veeeery funny and have done both on cruise elevators multiple times
! That's totally funny. I think your post wins the award for most creative! Loved it.

I'm afraid there will always be those rude individuals. I work in SF in a highrise, and honestly do NOT see it here, at all.

Maybe they're individuals who are not used to riding in elevators? They don't know what Ms. Manners would say?

It really gets my goat too...
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