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Originally Posted by green_rd
Originally Posted by jserv
Thanks a bunch, Luanne! We hate Coke products! We'll bring our handy 12 pk like you said and skip the cooler. We don't really need a cooler, just wanted to make sure I had my Diet Pepsi and Dr. Peppers! Love em!

Thanks a bunch!
Your room steward will keep the ice bucket full in your room. I made if half way through my first cruise before I realized this.
They will go beyond the ice bucket if you request it.

While on our Transatlantic cruise, I needed ice for my back. Our room steward, for the entire cruise, kept a large plastic bucket full in our room twice a day for me.

Needless to say, he got more than just what was put on our Sign & Sail card when it came time to disembark. He got a nice extra amount of cash and my eternal gratitude for making the cruise bearable.
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