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Default Princess is the way to go

My bestfriend is gay and married his partner.. They have not been on a cruise,, if i would suggest a ship and cruiseline, it would be Princess. The Crown and Caribbean Princess are both accomodating and the people who board these ship are more intellectual and less ignorant.

Royal caribbean has many upper middle class families that are snoby in some sense who turn their backs.

\Carnival is the Jerry Springer of all cruiselines.

Princess has many senior Bankers, Union workers who are close to retirement, business owners who enjoy what relaxation is meant to be.

Saddly, some parents bring their babies on Princess. There should be a age limit and no smoking policies at all times. Princess is good making smokers smoke only on one side of teh ship.

My past princess cruise, i met a couple from St Thomas. They were hilarious.

I'm shacked up to a lovely lady name Sherry and we are happy to have Gay friends.

Malcolm Hebert

I've been told Celebrities is the best when comparing to RCL and Princess. I will try them next time. Good Luck!
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