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Originally Posted by traveltime
Bill, you bring up a good point regarding the one way airfare. In fact, seeing this topic, I was hoping that someone could advise me if you have a preferred website to get good one way airfares?
Many times the one-way airfare is more than the round trip. In those cases, I always buy round trip knowing I will never use the returning flight.

If you do this, however, be sure to set it up so your first flight is the one you fly and the returning flight is the one you skip. The airlines will cancel your whole itinerary if you are a no show for one of the flights. I learned this the hard way on a 4-leg trip where I chose to drive the second leg. When I went to check in for the 3rd, I was told my whole itinerary was cancelled due to the no show. I had to sweet talk the airline rep to reinstate the rest of my itinerary (which I had fully paid for) with pleas of ignorance (truth) on how that game worked.
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