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Originally Posted by Surfguyxxx1
Mike-Suz; you wrote "You can't expect top of the line cuisine at bargain basement prices." and as I agree with you 100%, but that doesn't mean that meals are not repetitive.

I love going to the MDR myself, but I also like to embark on different flavors that are not offered in a traditional dining room. Of course it's a strategy for cruise lines to offer this, but it's also something that cruisers have been wanting. Will I ever give up the MDR, never, but I personally like the option of having options.

How about a speciality restaurant as my treat one time, on me,you and your wife, if we ever cruise together?
Surfguy that is such a friendly and generous offer and it speaks volumes to what a nice person you must be. The fact is, that Suz and I ate at Portofinos on our last cruise on Freedom OTS, November 2008.
I'm VERY VERY sad to report that Suz was disgusted with her meal.

We had become gun shy of seafood after having been served poor quality seafood at restaurant after restaurant... (including the night before the cruise at Argentango in Miami, we sent it back) and we were completely looking forward to Portofino as a respite from all that crap.
Well I ordered the saltimbocca which was very good, it was ALL very good except poor Suzanne's seafood dish. (I still feel so bad for her.. she looked forward to this like you wouldn't believe). She ordered Spiedino di frutti di mare... and the lobster was salty, the scallops were bland and the salmon was fishy. She just now said it was her most disappointing meal of the entire cruise. So... the whole "specialty restaurant" thing got shot out of the sky for us.
Maybe we'll give chops a try in September and stick to the beef!
Either way, if we are all on the same cruise some day we would LOVE to meet ! And thank you again for your very kind and generous offer!

And please don't get us wrong... we LOVE Royal and generally speaking we're quite pleased with the food they offer.

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