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Originally Posted by Manuel
Back in the day before they had specialty restaurants the food was better.I have many friends who do a lot of cruises, and they all say that food today is not as good as it used tobe in any cruiseline.

This is probably very true. I remember on a 17nt Mediterranean/Black Sea cruise I took in 1978, the food was extremely good. I, also, remember that the whole ship (of a whopping 450 passengers) was chartered for Best Western Motel/Resort owners. The only reason I was on that cruise was because my in-laws, who owned 2 motels, couldn't go in the end. My ex and I were told 10 days before the sail date that we were taking their places. Anyway, my point being is that way back then, only people of money could truly afford to cruise. Cruising back then was very expensive. We felt like paupers amongst these people. I'm not exaggerating! My ex's family had money, but they were the type that you really couldn't tell. On the other hand, that's all you could tell about the rest of the ship! I'm sure the food was totally expected to be supreme with the money they spent for this cruise. Most likely more comparable to Crystal, Regent, or Seabourn of nowadays. And I know my uncle and aunt rave about the food on Crystal. Yes, our wing of the family took a wrong turn!!!
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