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Default What if....

What if by chance...I already have a prosthetic leg?

Naw...I'm kidding. Don't worry, as cheap as I am, I already get the heat from my wife about the booze I'll just be drinking a little less (or spending a little more). The rivalry in the cruise threads can get pretty boistrous about the whole topic. It's fun to watch I suppose.

Felix the Cat...yup, Winnipeg has changed alot. It's actually getting pretty nice. I think we're starting to look like a city in the 80's now. And honing in on close to a million population. New arena is nice, and a new stadium is starting soon. We also have the Canadian Museum for Human Rights that will be complete in 2011 that's supposed to draw an estimated 200,000 global visitors a year (ya...we'll see about that).

Looking forward to the cruise!
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