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Originally Posted by Aidan
I have no idea if the original poster has a legitmate gripe or not, but what does the number of posts he/she has made here have to do with anything?

If a cruiser who never posts on any message board had a bad experience
and wanted to let people know, where do you think they would post
other than Cruisemates, Cruiseclues, etc. Is that unexpected or wrong?
I have no issue with first time posters who want to share there bad experiences to warn others. You can always learn something for the bad experiences an hopefully aviod having the same issues. I wasn't clear in my post. I have explained below.

If the "gripes" forum isn't supposed to be used unless you are a seasoned
poster, that is news to me.

Please all no matter how many posts you have free feel to jump in and gripe away. This was not my point see comments below.
Cheers, Aidan
Maybe I wasn't clear. Sorry about that. The number of posts with the date of the first post means the person is no longer posting on this website.

Billbelt was hoping the original poster would update him on what happened with the litgation. However, the original post was in 1/22/07 and the original poster only had 4 posts. Meaning he or she made these four posts in 2007 and was no longer a regular poster on this website.

This means sadly we will not get an update on this situation. I also was wondering what happened after he/she fought to have the claim paid. Did they get it resolved? Did they sue? We will never know.
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