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Originally Posted by DayvidB
It is, it is all sooooo funny, just like the guy who goes to the toilet for number 2's and does not wash his/her hands afterwards, then touches the lift button, then the rail in the lift and then touches the floor buttons to get to the buffet,,,mmm your call from there on acceptance.

Why do I post this, because people that don’t wash after wiping would have no problem standing on you or me to get in a lift first,,,,,why, they are selfish.

All these things relate back to the environment and social education that some have, and some dont. Wish I could pick a ship that was full of "some have"

That I can gripe about as I see it,,,the other things out with my vision that they do,,, but I don’t,,,well until I’m ill that night.
While I agree that this is both disgusting and unhealthy, it also runs deeper than a social education. Much like we need food and shelter before we care about "self actualization", we must conquer personal hygiene before we can attempt to master the social graces.

Unfortunately neither prevents neanderthals from booking a cruise

All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by; John Masefield
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