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Originally Posted by Triton
Originally Posted by colorcrazie
If I remember right, you said in another post that you are 6'7". You probably get better results with a nice, loud "excuse me" than I do!
Hi, I guess I do and really forget how tall I am...unless of course I'm in the mirrored elevator and see I'm a head or two over many.
Parrot Pop walks with a cane and what drives him crazy are those people with baby strollers who just barge right through.. Next cruise he will have a
"rollator"..a type of walker.. With Triton being 6'7" I'll just stand behind him and leave when leaves..but seriously a big "excuse me".. usually helps.. I do ffeel sorry for those people on wheel chairs or scooters..who have to wait for an almost empty elevator.. and those are few and far between on cruise shipsl
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