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Default Re: Lauderdale Ramada Cruiseport Hotel

Originally Posted by Trip
Has anyone stayed at the Ramada Cruiseport Hotel in Lauderdale..I have a courtesy hold on this mainly due to the low shuttle rates to was cleanliness, transportation, etc.... Not happy with the area, but......

I have no idea if it is the same hotel but we had a "very short" stay at the Ramada near the airport. We walked in and the lobby area was ok. We then weaved our way through courtyards until we found our room. We walked in and within two minutes my wife said: "I don't even want to take my shoes off, let alone stay here." We went back to the front desk and told them that the room was dirty and we weren't going to be staying. It didn't seem to phase the desk clerk. We grabbed a cab and paid rack rate at the Embassy Suites. We might have paid 2.5 times as much but at least it was a decent place.

This was in 2004 so things may have changed since then and it may not even be the same hotel.

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