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Default clothing for alaska, glacier cruising, ambience, tour costs

Hello everyone. We are sailing on the Statendam for a two week glacier discovery cruise. One of the excursions we have chosen is Dog sledding on the Norris Glacier. We have noted that glacier boots are provided, but do we need super warm clothing e.g salopettes? The tour is at the end of August. I feel the cold at the best of times ,so I want to have the right clothing, but do not want to take anything uneccessary.
Another couple of questions too. We have four days glacier cruising without disembarking. What happens on the ship on these days? Is everyone out on deck, is there a scramble for sunbeds and chairs, are there lectures? Just wanted to know.
Also what is the atmosphere like in the evening, is it lively or does everyone scuttle off to bed after dinner?
As everything is automated with check in , excursion booking, tickets etc. I feel as if there has been very little information availabe about the cruise as a whole. We are HAL virgins so any info whatsoever will be useful.

Another point I would like to comment on was that we had to pay for all of our tours upfront , which cost nearly $4,500 in April, more than the cost of the cruise. We did not expect this at all as usually tours are paid for at the end of the cruise. The dollar against the £ was really poor in April, coupled with the fact that we had not expected to pay so soon, so beware if you are booking tours.
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