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we too did a gift exchange...anyone who wanted to participate brought something (we did $10 max) and wrapped them, piled them on the bar after the official M&M and then everyone came and grabbed one....

we did a mini golf tournament too. we were going to do it funny, like putt opposite handed, or use the golf club like a pool cue, etc. Turned out the day we did this, it was sooooooo windy that just playing normally wsa a PITA. We had a blast! Someone even got little fake trophies at the dollar store for best & worst scores, etc.

And we did a slot pull. (we did not arrange this with the casino ahead though.) we all chipped in 21 bucks for 7 pulls on a Wheel of fortune machne. we had a couple record keepers, and official counters....we each took a turn and left all the winnings in...cashed out. I think we all got 13 bucks back....SOOOooo we did another one! that time, we wound up with like 5 bucks.....

The thing with that is, others in the area may want to's up to you if you want to let them in...we did not (as best we could).

The crew member basically handed us the mic (ok,handed it to ME as the rest of our group put me in charge of that! 8) ) and, at the M&M i told our group what was up!

also, on most ships, there is a message board by guest can fill out a form with an activity-i told the group to always check there as that is how we'd communicate.

we had a lot of fun!!!!

TRIP: i like that idea too!
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