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Default Re: Puerto Vallarta Tours with tequila tasting

Originally Posted by MsBadGrl2U
I've done the Mexican Riviera twice and the first time we went in 2006 we took this tour in Puerto Vallarta that was wonderful, it was with aguy dressed in white who drove us around in the big white van. In 2008 we went again thinking it was the same tour but it wasn't, instead of a tequila tasing we went to an actual distillery(SP?), anyway it was horrible and apparently it was with a different tour group. I am going back this year and taking friends so I'm curious if anyone else has taken the tour, it's about $25 per person, we were driven all over town, we went into the rain forrest and I believe we stopped at a place called "Mister Tequila", they gave us a margarita when we got there, gave us a tequila history lesson, and took us to this tasting room where we were able to try several different brands and flavors of tequila. If anyone has taken this tour, would you happen to know the name of the company that you took it with?
We just did this tour last week. We actually got off the boat and there was a sign with information listed on it with flyers of different places to visit. There was a sign that said three for one $25.00 and we booked that one with 7 other people from our ship. Had an amazing time. Went exactly where you said above and we tasted too. Even my 13 old son got to taste and thankfully he didn't like! I have a photo of the sign with the company name on it if you like. I am brand new to these boards so I don't know if I can post a photo or not. The company looks like AGPB and we did travel in a white van....
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