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Thanks so much for the input. I did put a request in for an "official" answer with RCCL, and, I'm going to go ahead and have my doc write a note for me to carry in my wallet.

misguidedangel - The reason for wanting to take water onboard is because I can't usually tolerate tap water - or a lot of bottled water. I drink Dasani & few other brands. Yup, I'm one of the folks that could honestly do a blindfold test and tell you if I was drinking Dasani or another brand of bottled water. Trust me, I've proven the point to my husband. When you "must" drink a certain amount of water daily because of medical reasons, there's no getting around it. If it's water that I don't care for, then drinking a large amount becomes like taking some nasty-tasting medicine, etc. Been in the Caribbean many times and I agree, it's hot so I drink extra water while there. Anyhoo.....on all past cruises, I've paid for and drank the bottled water on the ship. But, believe me, it's just unpleasant at times. Nothing enough to spoil a cruise, etc., but if I'm "allowed" to take my preferred water, then I will. (Unless of course, RCCL now sells Dasani - that would save me some hassel. !)
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