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Originally Posted by kzVegas
You know asking about the "how good is the food?" is a question that can be answered many ways.

3.) Then there are those who "Live to Eat" who look at food as an important part of their everyday lives. These are folks who value the quality of the food above all else. As an example, look at the difference in taste between a "middle of winter, hard as a rock, store bought" tomato versus a "home-grown, heirloom" tomato. There's a world of difference between these two pieces of food. Of course presentation and sufficient quantity are important to these folks. Long ago, when cruising was priced and aimed above the middle market, cruise lines used to buy some of the best quality food available to them. No longer, the shift to middle-market consumers and price competition between lines plus the added effect of the bean counters has made the quality of food a "race to the bottom". It doesn't mean that aren't good things to eat. Rather, the number of things that are of good to great quality are hard to find.
I agree with this statement. I just don't agree that RCL puts something like it on every menu. I also feel there should be more than one choice. However, I will also continue to say that, even if what is on the menu falls into this category, the quality is not there a great deal of the time.

I'm really tired of the excuses that are used for inferor food, both on a ship and in a hotel/restaurant. Turning out a quality product does not mean you have to pay more, it just means it has to be done properly.
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