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I figured I would go on a inexpensive cruise cuz I had some extra time, but I just learned there is a march on Washington against the proposed deathcare legislation, which rations medical care and forces all of us who work for a living to pay for all the welfare recipients and illegals who don't work, but continue to parasite off of all of us. The march is also a protest against cap and trade, which is just another huge government tax on us all that would mandate every American to pay alot more for electricity. I suppose that all the people who scream "poor", will just get out of paying for that too, unless we all work together to eradicate this unlawful seizure of our money. You can all bet if this lousy bill goes through, all these wonderful inexpensive cruises will just about double in cost. You certainly don't think cruise lines are exempt from paying? The cost always gets passed on to the consumer. So, I am no longer looking for a cabin mate right now. Maybe a later sailing in October or November. Plans now, are to head to Washington with the millions of others. I couldn't complain in the future, if I wasn't willing to do something now. Let freedom ring!

Check it out and sign up to go!

Disregard my post below & don't send me PM's, just get ready to go too!

Working on a budget hoping to find similar female to share cabin with another 40ish female? My girl friend bailed out on our plans. Not looking for guys. I have college kids and a long marriage. Just want an adventure somewhere new. I could help someone out with a domestic airline award in exchange for dollars off a more expensive cruise that you may be interested in or I am open to just about any itinerary within my price range. $500 max. Share your suggestions.
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