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Default Re: Socializing with the Staff

Originally Posted by Parrot Mom
Originally Posted by Nurse Debra
Just returned from a b2b cruise on the Island Princess. After cruising Celebrity and Princes for several years, I can say that service was good on Celebrity but the service on Princess was definitely a step above. I have seen the raves about Celebrity's passenger to crew ratios in their advertising promos, but IMHO, Celebrity still does not surpass the service and the friendliness of the crew on Princess.

There are also many other things to consider when selecting a cruise line to spend your vacation dollars with. The service level is certainly one of the things to consider. Other things that IMHO are even more important are the true character of the management of a cruise line and how they handle problems when they do come up, the way that a company maintains their ships and the reliability of a cruise lines ships. Even the past passenger programs offered to show a cruise lines appreciation to past passengers is also important. On these last issues for consideration,
my experience has been that Princess wins hands down when compared to Celebrity.

There is no way that I want a member of the staff calling me by my first name, especially the Room Steward.. and yes. I agree that it is part of their job and they would rather hang around with other members of the staff.. First of all your on the ship for one week, maybe two.. then there are a new group coming on... Never in 24 years have I found a more, lets put it this way, no better not.. incompetent Purser than on the Pacific Princess..rude, could not understand english. and a simple name like "smith" and every time I had to SPELL IT when I wanted that particular cabin.. Oh yes.. and if your a repeat client.. how do you tip.. Do you expect the crew to remember you cruise after cruise wen they have more than 1000 people at a time usually.. I think not.. Some people leave an impression....for better or worst. Besides.. the nicer they are to you.. the better the review which they want and maybe you will slip than an extra tip.. BTW that's another story..the tipping....
Not sure why I would be quoted here and then followed-up with a rant about being called by your first name by "especially a room steward"?????

Since we seem to be on that subject, I can say that I am not the kind of person who would have a problem with being called by my first name by the room steward.
I happened to be born in the USA with all the opportunities available here; I have nothing but respect for those who spend many months away from their homeland and family, working long and hard hours, to provide a better life for themselves and their family.

I am not one who tries a cruise line one time and then actually only comes into direct contact with maybe six or seven employees out of over one thousand then can somehow not only make a judgment about the entire staff of that particular ship, but are somehow able to judge the staff of an entire cruise line!

Things are always changing in the cruising industry, but at this time Princess does offer superior overall cruising enjoyment. Some of the main things that Princess has going for it is the consistency of the product in the areas of management decisions, ship conditions, crew and the reliability of the Princess fleet.

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