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Default STAFF i CAN BE an overall feeling that you get when you cruise on a particular ship, and sadly that was OUR experience.. Just last night in talking to friends who will shortly I believe taking their first cruise, Parrot Pop, said he was shocked by the Purser on the ship and his inability to understand a plain name similiar to Smith, we had to repeat it several times each time we called..He talked about the Panorama Buffet negatively (oh boy, did he), yet he had many other positive items about this particular ship, the wonderful dining room food, Add that all together and toss in some Princess loyalists who under no circumstances allow negativity, As for being called by my first name or having our names outside our Stateroom...for me.. it takes away from the experience. You see Nurse Debra...that is why there is vanilla ice cream and chocolate.... individual tastes.
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