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Default Silver Sea's Silver Cloud Deck 7 is horrible

Silver Sea's Silver Cloud Deck 7 is horrible

There is not soundproofing between the activity deck (Floor 8) and Floor 7. This means that every footstep on the pool/shuffleboard/pingpong deck is heard in the cabins below.

And this includes the OWNER'S SUITE.

On top of that, the first morning they had the deck crew out washing to pool deck and unstacking chairs at 4:30 AM. We complained, and the next moring they pushed the noise back to 7:30 AM, which is still way too early.

Ad to this that the soundproofing beteen cabins with adjoining doors is non-existent...meaning that every word can be heard from one cabin to the next, and it's easy to see why our week in the owner's cabin was awful.
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