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Please don't WASTE your time waiting for a BONAFIDE cruisemate. I have been watching this site for weeks. It's RIGGED! There's 1 person creating the MAJORITY of these posts under all different names and EMails, trying to persuade you into a tiny selection of cruises they have available thru their existing database of solo cruisers. If you are truly hoping to find a cabinmate ....... it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack thru this site. This 1 person keeps creating all these NEW fictitious members seeking a "CRUISE COMPANION" or posts a "NEW REPLY" enabling their "ADVERTISEMENT" to the hit the head of this thread, whereby increasing their chance of viewership, CAPTURING unsuspecting VICTIMS! Sorry to rain on your parade being so blunt, but it's disgusting what SCAMMERS will try and pull on the public. NEVER accept a lowball price when someone replies back to you, either. This SCAM might include RIPPING off your money too. I CLOSED out all my prior "POSTS" because I was SUSPICIOUS. Then, I did my homework and found out!! BE CAREFUL!!
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