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Have you found a share yet for the transatlantic on the Solstice?. I may be inerested if you have not.

I have done all these ports before but I too plan to spend some time in Europe before the cruise mainly in Austria but would be up for spending some time in Italy also depending on where you are going

I have been on about 23 ships so I am not a newbie and I have done transatlantic.

In the meantime I have tentatively booked a med cruise on Azamara Nov. 14-28.which is under deposit. I will probably take if nothing of greater interest comes along


You posted:

I’m looking for a female cruisemate for 14-days Transatlantic cruise with ”Celebrity Solstice” on November 30 from Rome. It goes through Florence/Italy, Nice/France, Barcelona/Spain, Cartagena/Spain, Madeira/Portugal and arrives to Ft. Lauderdale. quotes it $899 for inside cabin plus tax and tips.
I plan on going to Italy on November 26 and travel inside Italy by car or bus before the cruise. It would be great if my cruisemate will also travel with me to share cost of hotels and car rentals.
I'm straight 46 years old, SWF, non-smoker, not a party animal, but social and friendly.
Looking for a cruisemate to share a cost of a cruise
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