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I like the wedding video better...however, since imitation is a form of flattery, I think on the next CM group cruise (which will be on the OAS), we should make our own "Doc Dance" video...we could do it on the day of embarcation, Paul could be dressed as the postman and delivers the cruise documents to CQ (who is crying because she did not receive her documents in the mail and decided to go to the pier to get it resolved and she could not), just as the OAS is departing...CQ is frantically waiving for the OAS to come back to get her...Dave The Wave & I show up in the Minnow of the Seas and offers to take her out to the OAS in a high speed chase (just like in Miami Vice, DTW is Crockett and I am Tubbs)...of course we are dressed like the famous duo with sun glasses and no socks

Once CQ gets onboard, she 8) Salsa's 8) up to the Captain to present her documents as the entire CM family applauds and then we all break out dancing to Chubby Checker and the Twist (since I am assuming, everyone knows how to twist)

The OAS extends a tug line to the MOS and tows us all the way to Coco Cay for a big CM party, we film it, put it on YouTube and Royal Caribbean uses the footage in their next commercial

what do you think...
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