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Originally Posted by Parrot Mom
This is not the first time I have heard that at least Australians do not want to tip...WHY!!!! Should the tip be included in the price of the cruise..
to an aussie - yes it should be

in Australia, if you work in a restaurant, or any service industry, you would be earning a decent wage. For example, if I were to work at our a supermarket, or a wal-mart type store, as an adult I would earn anywhere from $18.00 per hour to $25.00 per hour, with holiday pay (4 weeks,) 9% super annuation paid by my employer, and sick pay (10 days per year)

I know when travelling the states, a waitress was earning $2.00ph and living on tips. That simply doesnt happen here.

We think the employer should re-imburse the workers, but the culture of tipping is beginning to take on here, but most aussies resent it.

I personally, do as the romans do, and think that it is an "extra" cruise charge, and am very willing to pay it to the cruise staff, as that is how they earn their living, and my cruise would be miserable with out them!

hope this explains it a little



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