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Originally Posted by watchurdiet
I've cruised on the Diamond, the Royal and the Coral....soon to be cruising on the Coral again in Dec. and I've never had staff or crew being rude...all were very nice and helpful...this is the reason why I continue to cruise with the Princess cruise line....also cruised on the Carnival and found it to be nice also. Sorry about your experience...but don't give up on Princess, u just ran into someone who was having a bad day... [/b]
I just wanted to add..

I have NEVER had cruise staff obviously rude to me - just always busy elsewhere when a drink is required, or they very politely say "yes" and then never return..

and this has been on the 3 cruises we have done with Princess.

BUT after saying that..I think it would be the same on any cruise, and we have experienced it many times when travelling and we dont tip.

so we wont be giving up on Princess as I think they have a value for money product.

Read and post cruise reviews

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