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Being an employee on a ship it has to be very difficult to be "ON' at all times in the vicinity of passengers. Just put me in the type of client that prefers Celebrity and friendly, but not overly friendly, I resent being called by my first call me a snob... There is no reason why staff has to become my buddy.. the next week or two weeks they go over it all again as we disembark.. Yes, there are some cruise members that you have an infinity for and maybe y our drawn together.. And a big THANK YOU about discussing two people seeing the same thing on the same exact cruise..This has happened to us.. on a cruise ship recently.. and on our favorite resort in the Dominican Republic.. where somebody wrote they saw broken toys in the pool.. I was at that pool every day for a week and saw no such thing.. The negative item about a staff member were sent directly to the Director of the Hotel rather than publish it (entertainment staff) on a forum.. As a side bar.. Disney has a Managment style/course that I personally had to attend at our local hospital.. the front stage and the back is attitude..towards EVERYBODY, fellow employees, M.D.s patients, and their families.. So I can just imagine what your life was like... You probably went "backstage-to your cabin" and tossed things or swore up a me let you in on a past secret...Parrot Pop and I were one time "shoppers at hotels, restaurants, etc.".. and our job was to note the Little Things..not to mention the honesty of employees.. that is why I may not notice the art work on a ship but I do notice the cleanliness and the interaction between staff and clients. Sad to say that many a bar tender especially has been relieved of duty/fired for misdirecting bar funds.. and if needed we would have had to have gone to the unions for the company..
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