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Default Re: Alaska Cruise Booked in September 2010

Originally Posted by gbroseus
Could anyone give me any advise as to what types of clothing to possibly pack for my upcoming cruise to Alaska in 2010? My husband and I are traveling to Alaska in September (the first full week and a half) and unsure as to what type of clothing to pack..we definitly do not want to "overpack" and we will be visiting Denali, Mt. McKinley, Anchorage, Seattle and cruising the Inside Passage Southbound.

Thanks so much for your help!
Dress in layers. If you're flying, save the airline fees, pack lightweight clothing and wear your heavier stuff on the plane.

Figure out your excursions. If you are planning on a glacier trip, it would obviously be colder there than your hotel or port.

Do what I did. Visit a famous weather website and type in your destination(s). Since you're going next year at least you can check to see what the weather is now (or when you plan to be there) at your destinations this year.

Plan on wind, rain, and chilly night temperatures.

This helped me with my packing....

Sweet Sailing!

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