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Well, a major problem did arise for me on our cruise and was handled included a passenger, two bartenders, the Purser and the Chief of Security.. Sadly for me..and my was the "comfort level" we found on t his particular ship..we are very outgoing people and found (remember this was a 700 passenger ship) a chilliness in the air by some of the passengers who seemed to have their own "clique".. You may not agree and of ccurse you are welcome to not agree.. but THAT WAS OUR EXPERIENCE..NO was a first impression of the line.. and it left us with an uncomfortable feeling..Just today received a note from a crusier on the Ruby Princess who talked about her dissatisfaction and comparision to the NCL Gem...would you chastise her too? But lets put an end to this...I am going back to Celebrity and will try because of the itinerary an NCL shortly. Will I try Princess again..I think not...
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