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Default Re: Alaska Cruise Booked in September 2010

Originally Posted by gbroseus
Could anyone give me any advise as to what types of clothing to possibly pack for my upcoming cruise to Alaska in 2010? My husband and I are traveling to Alaska in September (the first full week and a half) and unsure as to what type of clothing to pack..we definitly do not want to "overpack" and we will be visiting Denali, Mt. McKinley, Anchorage, Seattle and cruising the Inside Passage Southbound.

Thanks so much for your help!
I live in Ketchikan, and all summer long we've had wonderful weather...until now. It seems that August and September are the months that never stop raining. My advice: bring a good rain jacket. Yes, the cruiselines will give you panchos that scream "I'm a tourist," but rain jackets are so much better! If it's really windy, an umbrella is pointless too.

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